5 Quick Professional Hairstyles

We all know the importance of a first impression especially when it comes to business. Your personal appearance is everything but lets be honest ladies, it feels like theres not much that we can do when it comes to work. Between having a family, a full-time job and having a life overall, none of us have time to worry about having a new hairstyle everyday. Studies have shown that women who consistently show up to work in different styles and look like they put effort into their look tend to get noticed more by superiors than those who continuously look the same. Well fear no more, thats why we’re here to help ! Here are 5 different EASY hairstyles that will have you looking young, fresh, chic and still professional in less than 5 min.

Runway Ponytail


The biggest no-no of business presentation is having your hair in your face. The classic runway ponytail is perfect for any business day. If your hair has not been washed and your on the go, a simple ponytail is perfect for on-the-go. Add a little hairspray to keep fly hairs from flying and if you have frizzy hair you might want to add a smudge of anti-frizz on the tips for a smoother texture (be sure to only use a drop or it’ll look dirty instead of clean-cut)

Short, Chic & Sexy


This perfect hairstyle is modern, chic and oh so easy to do ! Long hair can sometimes be extremely difficult to manage. It can take lots of time and lets be honest ladies, short hair is IN ! For an easy to manage look for all of our short-haired professional fashionistas, this messy-bob look is fresh and perfect for work. Use a round brush on the ends for an inner curl and add a texturizing mousse for a messier look. Instead of parting your hair in the middle, try a zigzag part on the side. Voila ! Say hello to a brand new you !

Pinned Back


As stated previously no one wants to hide their face when they want their bosses to remember them. But rather than get up every morning and brush your hair and run out the door, take an extra two seconds to change that look up. All it takes is a bobby pin or two and your done. Part your hair to either side and pin back the side with the most hair. If you prefer to part your hair in the middle, pin the top part of you hair back leaving some hair on the side to drape over your ears for a more relaxed look. Leave the ends pin straight or use a round brush to add curl to the ends of your hair. This do’ is perfect for any length of hair.

Half-Up Half-Down


Another classic style as old as the original ponytail, the half-up half-down hairstyle is easy to do especially if you have not had a chance to wash out and blow-dry your hair. You can use anything like a clip, a hair-tie, or some bobby pins if your hair allows you to. Grab half of your hair and pin it back. Do not forget to play with different parts in your hair to change up your look. Add a little hairspray to keep fly hairs back.

Low Side-Swipe Bun


Easy as 1,2,3 ! The super easy to do Low side-swipe bun is perfect for work because it not only keeps your hair out of your face but is as professional and classic as it gets. One, part your hair to the side for a more modern look. Two, tie your hair in a low pony-tail at the nape of your neck. Three, wrap your hair around the base of the pony tail and pin the end of your hair into the side of the bun. Ta-da ! Ready to go. For an even funner look, loosely braid the pony-tail before wrapping it into a bun. Add a cute pair of earrings  for a more feminine and fun look. Professional and chic !


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