Weekend Sale

Weekend Sale

It’s the last two days for this epic sale. Friday and Saturday only!!! Where else are you getting designer jewelry at half the price?



Sapphires vs. Diamonds

Sapphires vs. Diamonds

Jewelry says a lot about your style, personality and preference. What appeals to one person does not appeal to another. Most women are drawn to the dazzling diamond. The media has promoted it as a “woman’s best friend.” Is it really a woman’s best friend or is there something better? In recent years there has been a tilt towards gemstones and sapphires. The worth of these beauties have been underappreciated.

Sapphire rings have become coveted as engagement rings since Princess Diana’s famous sapphire engagement ring.

Here at The Secret Lounge, we pride ourselves on getting you the latest exclusive styles at a price you can afford. Our designer custom jewelry is the finest cut. You can’t tell the difference between a diamond and a sapphire. They both sparkle and they both shine. Add a dash of beauty to your outfit with these charming stones. The celebrities are doing it so why aren’t you?

Empowered Women Fight For Their Dreams!

Empowered Women Fight For Their Dreams!

They tell you to dream and to reach for the stars. Well here is an example of where faith has intervened for the better. Lecia has been formulating her ideas for years. Her experiences have made her a stronger and smarter woman. She has been looking for that one big event to change her life and here it is. We told you a month ago that Lecia met Joanna Coles at the 2013 Matrix Awards, well the second meeting went even greater than she could have imagined. Strong will and determination were the key forces that drove Lecia to meet with Joanna yet again. These two women are taking the first steps towards empowering women through the mix of fashion and business. If you look better, you feel better which then leads to success.

Women entrepreneurs have a role in our society. That role is to inspire other females into believing that they can achieve everything that they dream of. These women have the opportunity to shed light on many touching experiences that they have faced. They have stories that only the wise can tell. Let their wisdom inspire you to pursue your own dreams.

Prom is Here!

Prom is Here!

What are you doing to be the prom queen? Sure you have a gorgeous dress, but so does everyone else! What will set you apart are your accessories, hair and makeup. That’s where we can help you. Allow our celebrity stylist to turn you from ordinary to extraordinary. We’ll give you a complete makeover that will leave your date breathless.

Prom is a magical night where you are leaving your childhood behind and embarking on a new journey. It’s a night to look your best and feel your best. It’s a night that you will always remember so start it off right…..

Make this night memorable with professional photographs. Have your transformation recorded for yourself to enjoy over and over again.

Don’t let others outshine you. Let us turn you into a star.

Prom is a time for you to SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND.



Joan Rivers, the emcee of the 2013 Matrix Awards, gave striking advice for women in the workplace. Prior to her role on stage Joan had the opportunity to meet Lecia Bianca, a strong entrepreneur who has been making her name in the fashion world with her styling tips and her luxurious jewelry galleria. The two professionals agreed on one piece of advice for aspiring women looking to move up at their jobs.

What is that piece of advice?

Look like a businesswoman if you want to be taken seriously!

Great breast and good legs are great, but not before 6PM. The best way to look successful and to be successful is to wear a great suit or simple tailored dress. What ties this ensemble together is a good and classy piece of jewelry. One quality piece outshines thousands of jingling pieces. You want to be noticed but not overly so in the office. Let your work speak for you, not your loud accessories. The key is to dress appropriately. You can’t climb the business ladder in heels!

Joan and Melissa were intrigued by the new styling’s of Lecia Bianca. “You look amazing!” exclaimed Joan as Lecia walked onto the red carpet. Lecia’s trendy outfit was custom designed just for her. She sought out the unique material from the famous Mood’s Fabric, and allowed her designer to tailor the dress to match the curves of her body. The ensemble was tied together with a matching jacket, Fendi pony hair baguette, Coral patent leather strap with a silver stainless steal t-strap Delman shoes, with Limited Edition John Hardy sterling silver and diamonds jewelry from the floral collection.



Joanna Coles the new chief in editor at Cosmopolitan is shaking it up. She has been transforming the trashy Cosmo that women adore, to become more active in politics and business. How will this change go over? Only time will tell. Joanna has been confidently promoting business in Cosmo. One new addition had “Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg on How to Kick Ass at Work.” Joanna is aware that maybe businesswomen won’t exactly make the cover of the magazine but there is room for compromise.

“It’s a time in women’s history where we do have to stand up for certain things,” said Coles, who described Cosmo as “unashamedly” pro choice, pro contraception and pro equal pay.

Joanna has taken on the role of promoting women’s rights. Lecia Bianca had the opportunity of meeting Miss Coles at the 2013 Matrix Awards, where Joanna received an award. Lecia is attending a meeting with Joanna on May 22, 2013 to pursue an idea that will get everyone excited. Businesswomen need a certain look, not a slutty one as previously promoted. There is no room for women who take no pride in their appearance. Women need to stand up, take control, dress the part and fight for their role in this business world. Lecia wants a hand in actively helping businesswomen take the first step to achieving their dreams. Her eye for detail and extensive sense of fashion will be an asset to Cosmopolitan.

Stay tuned to find out where how this business venture will turn out.



Why do we love Ryan Seacrest at The Secret Lounge? It could be the suits, his stylish hair and cute features or it could be his overall appealing personality.

Well Lecia Bianca got to experience the sensational kindness of Ryan Seacrest at the 2013 Matrix Award. His kind smile and welcoming words were inspirational. Lecia shared a special moment with Ryan as she complimented him on his well-tailored Burberry suit. “Most people don’t even realize the suits, I appreciate your eye for detail,” said Ryan. He was clearly impressed that Lecia’s keen eye was able to pinpoint everything he was wearing down to his shoes.

…. But back to why we love Ryan!
He started The Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which aims to inspire the youth, specifically ill children, through the power of music and entertainment.